A qashmal (plural: qashmallim) is a type of mysterious being that appears in Promethean: The Created. Their most obvious purpose, at least to the Prometheans, appears to be guiding or hindering them on their Pilgrimage. However, they have other purposes in their existence.

Qashmallim are beings formed from Pyros itself; for what reason and how is still unknown, though a number of theories circulate. What is known is that each qashmal exists to complete a single, unique Mission. They have only one chance to complete their Mission, and if they fail, they cannot try again. Interfering in the affairs of Prometheans may only be one part of a qashmal's Mission; they may also meddle with mortals, vampires, and other supernaturals. Missions range from affairs affecting a single being to preventing or causing disasters on a huge scale. A qashmal will either disappear when its Mission is complete, or when it runs out of Pyros.

The qashmallim are generally divided into two types. The Elpidos directly serve Pyros when it acts to encourage, develop, and animate. Many take the form of angels and grant 'angelic' miracles, such as appearing in dreams or causing virgin births, though these miracles are not always benign. The Lilithim serve Pyros in its form as chaos and disruption. They tend to take the form of horrific monsters and demons, and are associated with horrifying events. Those who study qashmallim also break them down into three categories based on their powers: Lesser, Greater, and Arch-qashmal. No Arch-qashmallim have ever been knowingly sighted; their existence is speculation alone. If they actually were to exist, they would be among the most powerful beings known.

Powers of the qashmallim take the form of Numina. A qashmal can use any Promethean Transmutation as a Numina, as well as spells, Gifts, and any Numina available to spirits, as well as qashmal-specific Numina. Lilithim can also use Flux and its related powers as well.


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