Q Division is a small Methodology among the New World Order that mainly concerns itself with equipment used by agents.

They specialize in the Spheres of Forces and Matter.


While Q Division has always existed in a fashion, it first came to prominence in the 1950s and 60s. The Karpov Umbrella incident showed how secret agents could utilize even mundane tools for their equipment. The proliferation of secret agent movies (among them the eponymous James Bond) further strengthened that image in the Consensus, and the New World Order was happy to adopt it for its own purpose.

Q Division was the methodology hurt most by the Reckoning. Several of their laboratories were off-world in the Deep Universe and cut off by the Dimensional Anomaly. The few remaining one find that the strengthened force of Paradox makes their work more dangerous than ever before.


Q Division closely cooperates with similar Methodologies in other Conventions. Several members of Q Division were former members of other Conventions that were recruited by the New World Order for the purpose of developing devices that were able to be used among the Masses without drawing much attention. Recently, they have shifted their focus on apps and how to encode Procedures into them.

Q Division is responsible for the distribution of gadgets, Devices, and talismans among agents for specific missions. As a result, agents vie for their good will and work hard to stay in their grace. An agent that has damaged – or worse, lost – a device issued by Q Division can expect themselves to be equipped with subpar gear the next time.


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