Pyros is the energy of the Divine Fire, the “fuel” that powers a Promethean’s Azoth and allow her to channel said Azoth into Transmutations.[1] Pyros is found in minute quantities in all living things, but the Created are walking alchemical furnaces that produce it in large amounts.

Users of Pyros


The Created naturally gain Pyros each day at sunrise, or when witnessing a thunderstorm. They can also regain Pyros by sleeping near a representation of their Lineage's element or by interacting with humans. All Prometheans can also replenish their Pyros by tapping into an electrical current, which also heals them instead of dealing damage.[2]

By infusing their bodies with Azoth, Prometheans can resist injury, heal wounds, or exert themselves beyond their usual capabilities. Spending a point of Pyros allows them to effectively raise a single Attribute by one dot for a specific action. Whenever they spend Pyros, however, their disfigurements become briefly visible to all observers.[3]

The complex Refinement of Mercurius deals specifically with Pyros, and its associated Transmutations, Vulcanus, allow a Savant to manipulate Pyros in ways other Created cannot.


While Pandorans are animated by Flux, they require Pyros to stabilize their existence. They can spend Pyros like a Promethean to fuel their Dread Powers, but do not generate it internally, obligating them to prey on the Created and consume their Pyros-infused flesh. Sublimati are able to extract Pyros from mortal flesh as well.


Mortal alchemists also utilize Pyros in their research, though their ability to produce it in quantity is limited. For this reason, the most desperate and depraved among them hunt Prometheans in order to bargain, extort or steal Pyros from them. They also suffer damage to their bodies and their mental states due to exposure to the Divine Fire's alien influence, and may begin to provoke Disquiet or wake Pandorans as a Promethean would.[4]


The Scintillating Flames are composed of pure Pyros, not ephemera, though they otherwise follow similar rules as ephemeral entities. While some qashmallim have Numina that allow them to harvest more Pyros, most come into existence with a fixed Pyros pool, and cease to exist when that pool is spent.

Side Effects

Pyros is a powerful force of change, but it also has corrosive effects on the material world. The presence of Pyros inside the Created results in the Disquiet mortals may experience after interacting with them. Large outbursts of Pyros can create a Wasteland or even trigger a Firestorm.[5]


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