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Duke Pwyffelt is a Pooka Wilder and member of the Golden Sickle.


Duke Pwyffelt.png

Many commoners pin their best hopes for equality on this slick, young, up-and-coming pooka. Pwyffelt is a wilder hellion. Many sidhe consider him vulgar, but he just laughs and invites more of his commoner friends to crash their noble soirees. He has the respect of some sidhe, however, because of his ability to fence their verbal jabs stroke for stroke. Some consider him to be all image and short on substance. This impression, while understandable, is incorrect. Pwyffelt is a committed Modernist, in both a cultural and political sense. He does more than anyone to advance Modernist ideals in the Parliament of Dreams. His style and his ideals often land him in some jam or other. He often extricates himself from these through pooka trickery, though on more than one occasion he has been forced into a duel. He is one of the best shots with a pistol (real or chimerical) in Concordia.

He has a young pooka ward named Tassia who has recently gone missing.


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