A Purview is a set of powers accessed by the gods and their offspring in Scion. Purviews are groupings of powers based on a common theme. A single power within a Purview is called a Boon.

There are three types of Purviews: all-purpose, pantheon-specific, and special. Any god or scion can learn any Boon from any all-purpose Purview, provided they have the right means, but only members of a particular pantheon may learn their specially-created Purview reflecting their innate natures and values. Special Purviews can also be accessed by any god or scion, but are learned and activated by a different means from the more standard all-purpose ones.

Gods have innate access to their Purviews, but scions cannot channel the energies to do so, and therefore must have Birthrights, specifically relic-type ones, to learn and use the powers of the gods. If a scion succeeds in gaining enough Legend to attain godhood, they no longer need rely on their Birthrights for access to Boons.

All-Purpose Purviews

Special Purviews

Pantheon-Specific Purviews

  • Arete - The power of perfection, granted by the Dodekatheon.
  • Asha - ability to understand what is true and right, granted by the Yazata.
  • Cheval - The abilities of the "head spirit", granted by the Loa.
  • Civitas - The use of civilization to raise power, granted by the Allied pantheon.
  • Enech - The means to judge one's worth, granted by the Tuatha.
  • Heku - The reflection of the soul, granted by the Pesedjet.
  • Industry - The spirit of work and innovation, granted by the Yankee.
  • Itztli - The ability to harness sacrifice, granted by the Atzlánti.
  • Jotunblut - The way to grant strength to the loyal, granted by the Aesir.
  • Scīre - The long-lost but very powerful ability to understand all, grated by the Atlantean pantheon.
  • Taiyi - The channeling of the mystic energies of nature, granted by the Celestial Bureaucracy.
  • Tsukumo-gami - The gift of understanding the inanimate, granted by the Amatsukami.


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