Purist is a political Impulse of the Unseelie Fae of the Shadow Court.



Purists are usually misnamed Traditionalists. These Unseelie want things to return to the original way in which Seelie and Unseelie divided up rulership through the year. While they do not advocate bringing it on, Purists prepare for the Endless Winter. They are most concerned with gaining power and influence in the Autumn and supernatural worlds and with harvesting Glamour, which they believe will be needed to see them through the hard times ahead. They are not above Ravaging when quick Glamour is needed, but many Purists believe that Glamour is a vanishing commodity, and seek to preserve their Dreamers rather than waste their potential. While the Purists are led by Unseelie sidhe, there are a large number of commoners who agree with their philosophies.


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