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Pug is a Chimerical Monster on the Big Island of Hawaii.



Pug is one of three chimera that escaped from Prince Yrtalien's garden hunt and is out to do the thing he does best... hunt.

Pug is best described as a bipedal form of putty. While he does have two legs, two arms, and a sort of face, his skin is a ruddy pink and his entire body is supported by cartilage. He resembles a cartoon character, though a rather repulsive one. His eyes are bug-like and he has no hair, save big, bushy, black eyebrows. He stands only three feet tall, but carries a very large chimerical ax.

Pug has the unique ability to shift his body whichever way he wishes, as long as he keeps himself intact. That is, he cannot split apart like an amoeba, or in half. He can shift himself over and around a person's face, or other body part, squeezing and cutting off circulation. He has no real higher thought processes besides to kill and thus follows the Killer Fish and the Gremlin without question.

His escape from Yrtalien's freehold garden was really a fluke. He was one of the medium-danger chimera created, but he stumbled onto the Gremlin in the maze. The Gremlin, amused by Pug's horrible appearance, brought him along when he escaped into the city of Hilo. He is, by far, the easiest of things to kill.


  • Mold: By forgoing an action, Pug can shape his body into whatever form he desires, including engulfing a person. He may attempt to smother a character using this ability by winning a Dexterity test (difficulty is the victim's Dexterity + Dodge). Use rules for drowning.


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