Name: Psychopomp
Nicknames: Wheels
Embed: Mundane

Psychopomps are an Incarnation of Angels created by the God-Machine that act as its "workers", installing Infrastructure and tending Facilities. As such, they are focused on quick transportation of goods and resources to make the processes the Creator intends as smooth as possible. Each Psychopomp is created with the strict purpose of constructing, knowing little else about the designs of the God-Machine.

Once becoming one of the Unchained, Psychopomps usually are masters of gathering Cover, the act of building a false identity out of stolen moments from other people being little different from constructing Infrastructure.

The FallEdit

Reasons for a Psychopomp to Fall are manifold. Some saw their beautiful gears razed by Destroyer Angels and felt a flash of contempt for the God-Machine, others were faced with a situation where they were unable to fulfill their objectives, either out of personal reasons like attachment to their freedom of movement or the structures they erected or because their orders came into conflict with those of another Angel. Others tried to understand what it was that they created and Fell for questioning the objectives of their Creator.

As DemonsEdit

Psychopomps "get" human society, seeing it as a machine made of money, meat, and metal. Everything and everyone has utility and holds opportunity. The trick is to connect them together in useful ways. They're fixers, providers of equipment, connections, and resources. They're often the driving force behind forming a ring or Agency. Many find that they make good planners and tacticians. They have the most experience with other supernatural beings, mostly ghosts and spirits, and are usually tasked with dealing with ephemeral incursions.

Psychopomps' instinct to rearrange the world around them can cause problems in their Descent. Observant human friends usually realize that their entire friendship group revolves around the Psychopomp - everyone was introduced to one another through him and he remains the "hub" of the group. Many Psychopomps are materialistic collectors, feathering their nests with toys and objects they find attractive, surrounding themselves with people who make them feel comfortable, and believing the world exists for their benefit. They overcomplicate their lives by creating high-maintenance Covers, and take interference in their affairs seriously -- few things are as angry as a Psychopomp whose design has been disrupted.


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