psycho-: From Greek psyche (ψυχή) "soul" or "mind".
-morph: One of various distinct forms of an organism or species. Greek "form, shape."

In Trinity Universe terms, a psychomorph is one of three types of supernormal entities (the others are eximorphs and paramorphs). They are able to sense and manipulate subquantum — or "psi" — energy.

Adventure! Edit

In the Inspiration Age, psychomorphs are known as mesmerists.

Aberrant Edit

In the Nova Age, psychomorphs are referred to as psiads or psychs. A branch of the Æon Society, Project Pandora, is dedicated to researching them and assisting them in developing their abilities.

Trinity Edit

In the Unity Age, psychomorphs are most often called psions. Psions are artificially created by "dunking" a latent into a Prometheus Chamber, or "tank." Naturally-occurring psychs have been relegated to myth.