A Psychiatrist Nervosa is a type of Chimerical creature.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Psychiatrist Nervosa.png

This Nervosa came into being after several related nervosa in the Denholm Institute melded together. The nervosa embodies the worst fears Doctor Chapman's patients have about him. It appears to be him, but very sadistic, dangerous, and bent on the destruction of all changelings it can find. It is often accompanied by several nervosa who appear to be large orderlies carrying big clubs. If the patient dies not cooperate with "Dr. Chapman's" treatment, the orderlies will attack the patient with the clubs to beat them into submission. They will not drive any changeling back into their mortal seeming by damaging them; they would rather it be the Kithain's decision to retreat. This nervosa's goal is to force changelings to voluntarily retreat into Banality.

Though this particular Nervosa resides in the Denholm Institute in the Kingdom of Pacifica, it is entirely possible that similar creatures exist in other such institutions throughout the world.

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Summon Orderlies: One chimerical orderly can be created for each point of Glamour spent. These Orderlies have Physical Traits of 5 each and carry clubs (Difficulty 4, Strength + 1 Chimerical Bashing Damage). They will attack whomever the Psychiatrist points out to them. They will stop short of thoroughly driving the Kithain back into their mortal seeming and leave, only to return later, after their victim has had time to recover.

References[edit | edit source]

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