Prudence Stone is a Nosferatu who acted as a messenger for the now-deceased Justicar Petrodon


In her mortal days, Prudence Stone was a very fey child, prone to visions and foresaw that she and her family would leave England in favor of the New World, even being able to name the ship on which they would leave their former home. Within New England, her gift was seen with suspicion by the puritan priests, as well as her tendency to wander around in the woods in the afternoons.

During one of her stays outside, she passed nighttime and saw an obfuscated Nosferatu that lurked in the woods. The Nosferatu, fascinated by the girls talent, became her friend, resulting in prolonged stays of Prudence at night in the woods. Soon, first accusations of witchcraft and other foulness spread. By the time she turned 18, she was sentenced to be hanged. The Nosferatu, however, did not desire to let this happen. He gave the girl a vial with his blood, which would save her from death and would make her ready to join him in the night. When she was hanged, her future sire cut her loose and gave her the Embrace.

Her gift of the Second Sight did not vanish when Prudence entered undeath and she continued to use it to keep New England free from Sabbat influence. She is a voice of great respect among the Nosferatu of New England and later proved vital in dismantling the Web of Stanford Warwick, a power-hungry Nosferatu that desired the Princedom of Providence, Rhode Island.


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