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Protocols are the laws of conduct that theoretically govern all Tradition mages.


The Traditions signed the Protocols in 1466, near the end of the Grand Convocation, to govern inter-Tradition interaction and the relation between Mages and Sleepers. Despite upheavels, vacant seats within the Council for long time periods and the infighting between the various Traditions, the Protocols survived intact into the Final Nights.

Magick without conscience is a terrible thing. In order to sidestep the worst excesses of wizard-tyrants (and to punish them when necessary), the Convocation established Tradition Protocols that would apply to all members equally. As with any set of laws, the “equally” part has turned out to be rather flexible over the years. Even so, the following rules have lasted over five centuries.

Younger mages might snicker at the archaic verbiage, but the principles behind these laws are clear enough. Tradition mages who break minor Protocols are usually dealt with by their group’s elders. Serious violations, however, may be brought before a formal Tribunal. In the absence of strong organization and Master mages, such Tribunals are pretty rare, so serious offenders might simply be killed by their cabalmates if they step too far out of line.

The 8 Protocols

The eight Protocols are as following:

  • Respect Those Of Greater Knowledge;
  • A Tutor's Debt Must Be Paid;
  • A Mage's Word Is His Honor, Do Not Break A Sworn Vow;
  • The Will Of An Oracle must always be obeyed;
  • Betray Not Your Cabal or Chantry;
  • Conspire Not With The Enemies Of Ascension;
  • Protect The Sleepers, They Are Ignorant Of What They Do;
  • Be Subtle In Your Arts, Lest Sleepers Know You For What You Are.