The Protectorate is a rather secret Troll society.

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Despite a rather intimidating name, this is not a warrior society. Rather, it sees as its duty a matter of more personal importance than the strength of arms or protection of kingdom boundaries. The Protectorate exists for one reason: the facilitation of love and the protection of lovers. Despite, or perhaps because of, the game of courtly love, true love remains a rare and fragile flower among the fae. The Protectorate sees its duty to cultivate and nurture such love when and where it occurs. Should this include arranging alibis for wards of the courts, planning secret rendezvous, or acting as faithful and trustworthy messengers, the Protectorate is ready. Membership is small and rather secret; many trolls would be quite embarrassed should their membership in such a society become public knowledge. Prospective members are secretly contacted and put through a variety of tests to determine their dedication to amor. Only after they have been successful will they be initiated into the society. Members of both Courts and both genders are equally represented, for who among trolls can resist the appeal of true love?

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