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1151 CE








Master of the Cayman Islands

Prospero is the pseudonym of an enigmatic vampire who makes his haven on the Cayman Islands. His actual lineage and generation are unknown.


He rose and straightened to his full, impressive height, all windswept dark auburn hair and eyes only a shade or so off the sea.
  —  Beckett describing Prospero[1]

An enigmatic Cainite of ill repute, whose real name is a closely-guarded secret, Prospero somehow maintains the domain of the Cayman Islands with little visible conflict, despite attempts by the Serpents of the Light to remove his stewardship. He became sole owner of his tropical islands in the nights before it became a hotspot for wealthy kine, supposedly due to his vast cache of pirate treasure and a herd formed from generations of investment bankers.

A proponent of the ancient tradition of Elysium, Prospero declares his islands free to all, providing they bear his invitation. He controls all means of arrival by air and sea. Speculation surrounds the identity and lineage of Prospero. Unsubstantiated rumors place him as a Salubri, or even a Baali, but the most common belief is that he is a Brujah. Some even believe that Prospero is a member of the secretive sect known as the Inconnu.

He invites vampires of varying status to make temporary haven on his islands. He has extended sanctuary to Kindred ranging from the obscure to the despised. Ambrogino Giovanni, Strohmann, Count Germaine, and Dylan Bruce are known to have been present in the Caymans under Prospero's protection. What he gains from consorting with these types is unknown, but those familiar with Prospero believe it has something to do with his blood and a thirst for redemption. The vampire proclaims himself Brujah, yet somehow he practices the arts of Dark Thaumaturgy and Daimonion, and his soul was forfeited long ago.


Worship your Typhon and pray for gifts he will never give. I know the entities to whom I pray are real, and they give me everything I want.
  — Ameirin
Beckett calls Prospero by the name of "Ameirin" during one of their meetings. That could mean that this vampire is in fact the Sultan Ameirin of Ankara, a Brujah infernalist mentioned in Tome of Secrets.[2] Alternatively, Prospero could be Tanitbaal-Sahar or Sahar-Hannibal in disguise.


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