A Prometheus Chamber, arguably the first human bioware device, is a machine used by the Psi Orders to trigger latents into psions. As of 2122, there are seven known Prometheus Chambers, one for each of the active orders. The Chitra Bhanu chamber was disassembled after they were purged.

The mechanics of the Prometheus Effect are similar from order to order: a propsect is placed in the chamber, a gel-filled tank which places the subject in a fugue state. During this period (several hours), a psion tech oversees the tank, which injects various nano-organisms into the latent's body, altering the subject's DNA and activiting their psionic potential. In the early days, each triggering was supervised by the order's Proxy. However, most orders now delegate this responsibility to techs.

Preparation for "dunking" varies based on the order's size, the relative frequency with which latents join the order and the philosophy behind the order. Relatively selective organizations like ISRA and the Upeo wa Macho require extensive training and specialized tests before submitting the latent to the chamber; conversly, the Legions all but shove their prospects into the chamber for triggering.

The basic equipment at the core of the chambers was given to the Proxies by the Doyen, and is not replicable with known technology. The chamber is the single most important artifact each order possesses, and each order defends the chamber to the death. Each chamber is tuned to one noetic Aptitude and cannot be retuned. The Chambers are highly durable, however the Legions are starting to run into side-effects with their chamber, which has been run almost continuously since the Legions went public.

Unknown to the Proxies or anyone in the Psi Orders, the single-Aptitude constraint on the Prometheus Chambers is wholly artificial. The limit was placed by the paranoid Doyen to make the orders less of a potential threat, less likely to rise up against the Doyen themselves.