The Prometheans (also called Firebringers) were a sect of Cainites during the Dark Ages, which dreamed of re-creating Carthage and the harmony of Kindred and Kine associated with it (unsurprisingly, many members were Brujah).


As many members of the High Clans regarded these visions as treason, the Prometheans were forced to act covertly. They were enemies of the medieval establishment—the feudal system and perceived corruption within the Church among mortals, as well as the Traditions of Caine and the division into High and Low Clans among vampires, were anathema to them.

Most Promethean cells operated from the fringes of cities, amidst the lower classes, where they prepared revolutions against both mortal and vampiric authorities. Influence was mainly gathered from among the criminal elements within a city and many Promethean leaders had a reputation as robber-kings. Many Promethean cells were close-knit and betrayals were punished swiftly and severely.

The Prometheans continued to grow among disillusioned Cainites and Idealists until, in the 14th century, many cells made their move. Although they were able to stir up unrest within mortal society, they failed to topple the structures among the Damned. Retribution from the Elders was brutal and most of the influential Prometheans were given Final Death.

The purge that followed destroyed many Promethean networks and only a handful survived in the hands of vampires that eventually defected to either the Camarilla or the Sabbat, taking their influence with them. Promethean sentiments, however, lived on in the modern Anarchs.

Known PrometheansEdit


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