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For the task force in Hunter: The Vigil see Project TWILIGHT

Project Twilight is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Vampire: The Masquerade that details the American government's secret project to capture and discover the secrets of the Garou and the Kindred. It is part of the Year of the Hunter product line theme.


From the White Wolf catalog:

You Want the Truth?
The government is not wholly oblivious to the supernatural threats that hide in the World of Darkness. Indeed, a handful of intrepid agents tracks down and hunts these horrors. But as these men and women begin to discover the secrets of their elusive prey, an inevitable question arises: just who are the agents really working for? Who truly runs the government?
You Can't Handle the Truth!
Project Twilight is a Hunters sourcebook detailing the agents in the U.S. government who hunt vampires and werewolves. This book reveals just how much the government agencies know and much further they need to dig into the darkness to find the real truth about their prey.


Alley Tag

An agent that tracks down and confronts supernatural denizens may be in over her head.

Introduction: In Defense of the Realm

More on the nature of the book, including suggestions for its use.

Book One: At Midnight, All the Agents...

The following sections are for both players and Storytellers.

Chapter One: Whoever Hunts Monsters

How to create an agent as a player character.

Chapter Two: FBI Special Affairs Department

The history of the FBI and those who have become ruined by hunting the supernatural, as well as current organization and practices, and the FBI's Most Wanted (Supernatural) List.

Chapter Three: NSA

The NSA and the many factions in control of it.

Chapter Four: Other Agencies

Info on other agencies and government branches, including the CIA, the Center for Disease Control, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Book Two: Secrets

This section is for Storytellers only.

Chapter Five: Storytelling

Ideas for chronicles, and how much the government, including the President, really knows about the activities of the supernatural. Also includes the details of who really pulls the strings in the agencies and government.

Chapter Six: The St. Claire Contract

A campaign for agents crossing several aspects of the World of Darkness.

  • Norge Valley Caern (Abandoned Caern of Visions/Nightmares)

Appendix: Junior G-Men

Includes templates for possible agents, as well as Project Twilight-specific character sheets.

  • Seeker of Truth (FBI Special Affairs)
  • Trouble Shooter (NSA Assassin)

Background Information

This book was the Werewolf: The Apocalypse signature book for the Year of the Hunter.

Memorable Quotes



  • Lone Wolf Lupo
  • Charles Horner - Founder of SAD
  • Wulf Steiger (Alias: William Ellis) - Wanted #3, Vampire
  • Andrew Crowe - SAD, former department head
  • Marsha Crowe - SAD, East Coast director, Silver Fang kinfolk, Stats
  • George Thommason - SAD, former director driven insane by the Camarilla, Stats
  • Gerald Osbourne - SAD director, Stats
  • Jesse T. Grubbholb - Senator, Garou Kinfolk
  • Tandi Grubbholb - Fianna Garou
  • Cynthia Forrest (aka the "Ice Queen") - SAD, Assistant Director, Stats
  • Martin Fiske - SAD, Internal Security Director, Wyrm-tainted, Stats
  • "Charlotte" (?) Holmes - Wanted #9
  • Michael Standingtall - Wanted #8 (Thought to be a Wendigo)
  • "Lulu" Hagen - Wanted #6, Vampire
  • Denise Gerard - Wanted #5 (Thought to be a Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Dr. Timothy Archer Clarke - Wanted #4
  • Alan Kenchlow - SAD, Research director, Stats
  • Marcus Questor - SAD, Southern director
  • Thomas Little - SAD, West Coast director
  • Lyle Wallace - SAD, Midwest director
  • Dr. Emil Zotos (Aka The Magic Czar) - NSA, New World Order Mage
  • General Clifford - NSA
  • Felicity Price - DIB
  • Maurice Edwards - DIB
  • Bruce Higgins - DIB
  • Bob Schnoblin (Project Black Book) - CIA
  • Willhelm Norge - Corrupt Get of Fenris chieftain from the past
  • Madame Paris - CEO of Siren Cosmetics (Pentex subsidiary)
  • Agent Robert Danforth - FBI Agent
  • Samuel Norge - Homid Philodox Get of Fenris (Fangs of Garm), Pack Leader of The Steppin' Wolves
  • Andrew Lee - Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris (Mjolnr's Thunder), The Steppin' Wolves Pack Member
  • Caprice - Homid Ragabash Stargazer (Zephyr), The Steppin' Wolves Pack Member
  • Michael Norge - Pangloss General Manager, Garou Kinfolk, Pentex
  • Sharon Miller - Human, Wyrm-tainted
  • Dmitri - Homid Theurge Black Spiral Dancer/Silver Spiral
  • Janet Booth (Human) - Works for Pentex
  • Cracker Dan (Kinfolk) - Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk
  • Hard-Core (Human) - Works for Pentex
  • Stu Powell (aka the Nappy Napper) - Homid Ragabash Ronin Bone Gnawer, Stats


Young Bloods, Circus Lupus, Pangloss Cosmetics; SAD factions: The Minutemen, The Underground, Wire Heads; NSA factions: The Gordian Knot, The Neo-Luddites, The Goddam' Magpeyes, Delphi, Regulators, The Crow's Nest

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