Aeon Project Tantalus

Project Tantalus (logo is non-canon)

Tantalus: In Greek mythology he was the son of Zeus and a nymph who was highly honored until he offended the gods. He was placed in the river of Hades in water up to his chin and a fruit tree placed just out of his reach. He suffered from thirst, hunger and unfulfilled anticipation as a result. Thus 'to tantalize' means to bring hope and then disappoint.

Similar to Project Utopia, Project Tantalus's mission is to examine the phenomenon of paramorphs. As of 2008, only one paramorph is known: Maxwell Anderson Mercer. This is primarily due to the low-key nature of the abilities most paramorphs have, as well as their inability to be detected.

Project Tantalus was started around the same time as Project Utopia, in 1998. Margaret A. Mercer was in control of the Project for a short time, until it was diverted to the control of another (with her blessing).

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