Aeon Project Proteus

Project Proteus (logo is non-canon)

Proteus: In Greek mythology, Proteus is an early sea-god, one of several deities whom Homer calls the "Old Man of the Sea", whose name suggests the "first", as protogonos is the "firstborn". He can foretell the future, but will change his shape to avoid having to; he will only answer to someone who is capable of capturing him. From this Proteus comes the adjective protean, with the general meaning of "versatile", "mutable", "capable of assuming many forms".

Project Proteus is the only one of Æon's Projects not to have been founded by Margaret A. Mercer, nor under her control. It is the brainchild of a woman known only as Director Thetis. Its mission is to do the dirty work necessary in order to keep novas "in line." Project Utopia cannot shine as brightly without a shadow.

It's unknown exactly how far Proteus' reach extends, but it has operatives at all levels of Utopia's hierarchy, and cooperates with the Triton Foundation in many respects. She has at least one operative who spies on the Æon Council, and perhaps has some influence with those who sit on the council itself. She does not have access to the Babel Dossier, although she has tried.

It's also uncertain whether or not she has spies in the other Projects. They're all small enough that the possibility is probably remote, however.