Aeon Project Pandora

Project Pandora (logo is non-canon)

Pandora: In Greek Mythology, the first woman on earth, created by Vulcan out of clay to punish Prometheus and counteract his gift to mortals. Each God having made her a present of some virtue, she was made to carry them in a box to Prometheus, who, however, being endowed with foresight, sent her away, changing the gifts into evils. Thus, when his brother Epimetheus saw and married her, when he opened the box, all the evils now afflicting humanity issued from it, and have remained since then in the world.

Similar to Project Utopia, Project Pandora's mission is to examine the phenomenon of psychomorphs (also called psiads or psychs) and assist in their training.

Project Pandora was started around the same time as Project Utopia, in 1998. Margaret A. Mercer was in control of the Project up until 2008, when she handed control over to her grandfather, Maxwell Anderson Mercer.

In many ways, Pandora is the conceptual ancestor of the Æon Trinity of the 22nd century. The work Pandora does in the 21st century becomes extremely important when psions begin to surface in 2103.

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It's likely that "Pandora" refers to novas as an evil that have been loosed upon the world. Psychs are the hope that yet remains.

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