Project Iliad is part of Pentex's Special Projects Division. It is focused on the creation of fomori by combining Banes with genetically engineered hosts. While only about one in eight fomori created by Iliad can pass as human, they make formidable members of Pentex First Teams. The most potent creations of Project Iliad are the fomarchs, fomori considered equal in power to a werewolf in Crinos form.


Project Iliad is currently coordinated by Francesco, a Black Spiral Dancer.

The efforts of Project Iliad and Project Odyssey have been combined into Project Aeneid, which seeks to implant Mind-Feeder Banes into psychic hosts. The development of the Mockery Breeds was originally part of Project Iliad's remit, but has since been spun off into its own operation, Project Lycaon.



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