Project Aeneid is a Pentex endeavor dedicated to experimenting with psychic fomori.


Project Aeneid had focused on binding Mind Feeder Banes to psychic hosts, but had met repeated failure. Hiro YamazakiYamazaki had the prisoners exposed to Mind Feeders. The Banes flourished when attached to many of the inmates, powered by their heightened emotions of fear, pain, and anger. Through a series of grueling, and at times catastrophic, experiments, Project Odyssey’s telepaths developed a psychic symbiosis with the Bane-bonded fanatics, but their powers became increasingly uncontrollable as a psychic infection spread throughout both the prisoners and psychics via their linked minds.

Harold Zettler intervened, providing a spiritually active drug that allowed the psychics to regain control. The vampire was impressed with Yamazaki’s results. After some further experiments, Yamazaki discovered that the Banes would spread through people who shared the impulse to live, die, and kill for a cause — a very useful tool for Pentex. Yamazaki now stands strong. He’s got prisons full of fanatical psychics at his command, and is working on a way to apply Project Aeneid to American ‘patriots’ who are already hopelessly addicted to Magadon, Incorporated’s drugs and the booze made by King Distilleries.


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