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In Wraith: The Oblivion, the Proctors are one of the Guilds. The Proctors are considered a criminal Guild, since their Arcanos, Embody, violates the Dictum Mortuum by allowing a wraith to cross the Shroud. Relatively little canonical information is available on the Proctors, as no sourcebook was ever published for the Guild.

Of the criminal Guilds, the Proctors are the one that has the tightest relationship with the Hierarchy. Unlike the Puppeteer or Haunter Guilds, they have no known exterior agenda about crossing the Shroud – they want to experience life again, and are generally self-absorbed and fairly pacifistic about this. Consequently, the Proctors are largely tolerated by the Hierarchy; if a Legion needs a shroud-crossing job (and they do more often than they care to admit), the Proctors are the natural choice.

During the Great War, the Proctors explicitly sided with the Loyalist faction against the New Stygians and the Grim Legion. Their role in Grim affairs was taken up by the Puppeteers for the duration.

Version Differences

According to Wraith: The Great War, the Guild was organized into a number of local Proctors' Societies across Stygian territory, which took care of such things as contact with the local Hierarchy. Should the need arise, delegates from the Societies met in the Proctors' Congress in Stygia, which decided on matters that affected the Guild as a whole.

In 20th Anniversary Edition, Guild structure is provided by the Factors, who coordinate both the Proctors' commercial endeavors and their quiet relationships within the Hierarchy. Groups within the Guild include Agents, who involve themselves with mortal business and politics, Boojums, rare and often short-lived, who attempt to bust mortal ghost hunters, Secretaries (in the sense of "keepers of secrets"), who handle the Guild's espionage operations, and Tasters, who join simply for personal gratification.


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