Priscus is a title held by a Sabbat vampire that acts as advisor to the local authority figures of the sect, with no formal role in the internal politics but great practical influence.


Masters of manipulation, prisci serve the Sabbat by advising Archbishops and Cardinals. The position of priscus is more honorary than functional - they possess great insight but little "official" power. Nevertheless, prisci move among powerful circles and often possess a respectable personal prowess as well. One does not earn a consultory position if he is weak or foolish. The Prisci also act as a board of directors for the Regent, similar to a Camarilla city's Primogen, advising the Regent and the Cardinals about the affairs of the sect.

Many prisci were lords or military strategists before becoming vampires, and their vast experience (tempered with the caginess required to attain the position in the first place) serves the sect well. Often, a siege’s success or failure rests on a bit of information, such as what defenses a given prince can muster, or which sympathetic vampires may be convinced to look the other way as the Sabbat roars into town. Such is the role of the priscus: to maximize the flaws of the others through proven strategies.

Although they report to the Cardinals, they serve the Regent directly. Most are elders or powerful ancillae. The most prestigious of the clan members generally hold the rank of Priscus. Most prisci belong to clans Lasombra, Tzimisce and Toreador antitribu, though no formal rules exist as to whether or not a member of a given clan may belong.


In Sabbat cities, they act similarly to the Primogen, but are never appointed by an Archbishop or Bishop. The prisci who attend to the Regent form the Consistory along with the Cardinals - no one with Status lower than 4 could ever see the Consistory to meet with them, unless they summoned that character for a specific purpose; Prisci rise to the rank over time and according to no specific criteria, and their responsibilities include:

  • Advise the Regent, Cardinals and other authorities of the sect;
  • Coordinate strategic operations of the sect;

Known PrisciEdit




Time Active


Lady Astor Lasombra ? around 1848
Andrea Leghorn Tzimisce ? ?
Blaise Careme Tzimisce ? 1902-present
Charles VI Lasombra 8 since 1858(?)
Efraín Sortano Tzimisce 8 since 1780
Eli Dragsky Tzimisce ? ?
Gustav Mallenhous Ventrue antitribu 5 circa 1804
Joseph Pander Panders ? sometime after the Third Sabbat Civil War
Ladislav Ciorbea Tzimisce ? 1953-1977 (never formally acknowledged)
Leila Monroe Lasombra 10 since the late 1980s or early 1990s
Livia Boleslav Czerny ? ? 1774-1817
Righteous Endeavour Tzimisce 9 ? (embraced 1713)
Rowena Alden Tzimisce 7 circa 1962
Sascha Vykos Tzimisce 6 since the Anarch Revolt
Szechenyi Jolan Tzimisce 6 ? (embraced 1150)
Valenko Dmiritav Tzimisce 6 circa 1993
Venere Carboni Toreador antitribu 7 since the late 19th century


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