The Principia Draconis are three foundations of the Ordo Dracul as dictated by Dracula himself. These principles are taken to be as important to the Ordo Dracul as the Commandments were to the Canaanites. Dragons who fail to live up to the Principia Draconis are ostracized by their peers and can even be dismissed from the ranks of the covenant if their lapses are significant enough.


  • A Dragon has no loyalty above his studies.
    • Even the commands of a superior ultimately come second to the transcendent perfection each Dragon seeks for herself.
  • A Dragon must understand, accept and embrace purposeful change.
    • Those who are unable to trust change have no hope of ever transcending their accursed state.
  • A Dragon is responsible for all she is and all she does.
    • Because vampires are beyond death and fear, there remain no excuses for what one does or becomes. Moreover, not seizing an opportunity to improve one’s self is unforgivable, for it is a sign of cowardice and the denial of one’s own transcendence.


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