Prince of the City is a fiction novel for Vampire: The Masquerade and the sequel to Dark Prince.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Price of Power
At the height of the American Revolution, Virginia aristocrat Vannevar Thomas fell victim to a rogue vampire. The newly Embraced Vannevar was taken in by a secretive organization of vampires known as the Camarilla and sent to San Francisco in 1849. Here Vannevar found a newborn, vibrant city, ripe for the taking – but other powers also cast covetous eyes on the growing town.
Ascending to rulership of San Francisco's undead, Prince Vannevar soon finds himself beset by enemies. Not only must the newly crowned Vannevar thwart the schemes of the mysterious Asian vampires known as the Family, he must contend with treachery among his own ranks. He is destined to learn that the price of power is steep indeed....

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