The Prince of 100,000 Leaves is an Abyssal entity known under many titles in his existence: He Who Reveals Wisdom in the Fading Moonlight, Khonsu-Tohut, the Drama of the Outcast Erinye, the Secret Branch of the Tree of Possibility and the Blasphemous Scribe.

He is one of the most powerful abyssal entities with an active foothold in the Fallen World.


The Prince was first contacted (or created via an unthinkable disastrous Time paradox) three thousand years ago in Egypt by a coven of cannibal priests. He was ejected into the Abyss soon enough, but knowledge of his intrusion remained and was harnessed by the Ebon Noose cabal via the Mastigos member known as the Lernaean. The Prince used the offered soul to reach into the phenomenal reality and manifested himself. The cabal was soon destroyed, but the Prince has still one lackey, the Medusan, who works to make his master reality. Settling near Salem, the Medusan has built the Cult of the Red Word that worships the Prince as events yet to come.


The exact nature of the Prince of 100,000 Leaves is that of a sentient, alternate timeline comprised of anti-history that can replace the effects of time within the Fallen World with his influence, making him the attempt of an Annunaki to awaken. The Prince gained a certain self-knowledge and a desire to displace the flow of real events with its presence. This history is contained in a half-written chronicle of several thousand papyrus rolls that constitute the Prince's "body". His spiritual form is massive enough to manifest itself in Time Paradoxes, spawn spirit-like entities and influence writers and poets to record events of his timeline by manifesting in their nightmares. Once the chronicle of the 100,000 Leaves is completed, Time will be banished from the Fallen World and the Prince will rewrite history according to itself.

Some Scelesti have postulated that the reality the Prince represents is the true timeline of existence and that the world they live in is a bubble within the Abyss, itself an alternate reality to the true timeline of the 100,000 Leaves.

The history the Prince represents is so dark that reality itself rejected it and tossed it off into the Abyss. In the 100,000 Leaves, cannibalism is a sacrament, disgust is love and abuse kindness. Britain is known as the Theocracy of Vah and has a sadistic legal code; the North American Continent is known as Cha’annys, the Land of the Broken Turtleshell, whose princes impale the dead on bronze pikes so that their eyes can scan the living for signs of treason.

According to Mage developer Dave Brookshaw, the Prince is Rank 8 (and thus is at a level of power on par with the spirits of entire planets), but that information was cut for lack of space.[1]


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