Prince's Primer is a supplement for Vampire: the Masquerade and Mind's Eye Theatre about the Kindred politics of rule.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Gathered here for your edification and study are the thoughts on ruling of a half-dozen of the finest political minds the Kindred have to offer. It is a dignified, reasoned collection of essays and notes intended to instruct ambitious Kindred in the tactics and techniques of successful, peaceful dominion.
"My only payment for the secrets I give you is your success, for it means that some traitor I knew five centuries gone has seen his last sunset."
Then again, maybe not.
Prince's Primer includes:
  • Thoughts from princes, anarchs and others on how to rule a city successfully
  • The infamous "A Manifesto on Becoming Prince"
  • Conclave reports, Tremere treatises, anarch memos and more!


A Brief IntroductionEdit

F. Lyon Wall's Guide to How Clans Screw Their OwnEdit

Leadership Cost AnalysisEdit

A Treatise on ConflictEdit

Some Readings on the ClansEdit

Notes Found in the Effects of Lodin, Late Prince of ChicagoEdit

A Manifesto on Becoming PrinceEdit

Report from the St. Louis ConclaveEdit

Appendix: Some Notable PrincesEdit

Background InformationEdit


Memorable QuotesEdit






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