A Primus is the head of one of the Traditions. Prior to the inception of the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions, the term was used by the Order of Hermes to refer to the leaders of their Houses; the first Hermetic Primi were the founders of the original twelve Houses of Hermes.

Although the feminine version of the term is Prima, that form is rarely used in modernity.

Two sets of Primi have been proven, one before and one after the Avatar Storm.

Tradition Primus As of 1997[1] Primus As of 1999
Akashic Brotherhood Hyemyŏng Sŭnim (“Brightness of Wisdom”) 
Celestial Chorus Najjda Bantu
Cultists of Ecstasy Marianna of Balador
Dreamspeakers Tom “Laughing Eagle” Smithson
Euthanatos Indrani Taktsang
Order of Hermes Getulio Vargas Sao Cristavao
Sons of Ether Julian Spence
Verbena Lady Charlotte Quay
Virtual Adepts Roger Thackery

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