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Primal Utility represents the Syndicate’s unique approach to the Prime Sphere.


Primal Utility represents the Syndicate's unique take on the Prime sphere. It utilizes many of the ordinary Prime Sphere’s functions, but modifies them to fit the Convention’s economic paradigm. While Primal Uitlity opens possibilities that other approaches can't make use of, it also makes Procedures that rely on physical or psychological models of Prime more difficult to develop.

In a sense, Primal Utility is a counterpart to Void Engineer's Dimensional Science, and the New World Order’s Data.

Standard Powers

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    • Assess Primal Utility:
    • Deposit Primal Utility:
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    • Exploitation:
    • Primal Innovation:
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    • Create Stable Extraordinary Devices:
    • Living Asset Exploitation:
    • Use Tass:
    • Primal Storage:
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    • Create Tass:
    • Exploit Opportunity:
    • Liquidate Assets:
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    • Create Living Assets:
    • Create Primal Nodes and Ventures:
    • Liquidate Living Assets:
    • Market Compensation:

Primal Ventures

To the Syndicate, Primal Energy represents how human beings find value. To them, Primal Energy doesn't just spring from so-called “sacred places” or Technocratic reactor facilities; it can also be created via human activities. They call these organizations Primal Ventures, and from these Primal Ventures they learn to extract value in the form of Quintessence. If the Technocrat meditates on a connection made to an organization (usually a business or organized crime), they may harvest its Primal Energy (Quintessence). This drains the organization, however. For example, if they harvest an entire week’s supply, the organization becomes uninspired management and suffers setbacks until the next week. If they drain it dry they run the risk of crippling or destroying the organization.


Under Technocrat management the targets are persuaded or forced to work harder than ever before. In exchange for the target taking aggravated damage in the form of physical and psychological stress of the unnaturally focused performance, the Technocrat is able to harvest an amount of Primal Energy. Targets can roll Willpower in order to resist this harvesting.


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