Name: Prey
Nicknames: The Drowned Ones, the Eaten, Victims of the Elements, Chosen of the Pale Horsemen, Marked by Claw, Wave and Earth
Keys: Primeval, Grave-Dirt

The Prey are one of the Thresholds in Geist: The Sin-Eaters. It represents one of the ways a Bound could view his own death.


The Prey fell victim to the forces of nature: animals tore her apart, a hurricane or a storm surge claimed her. Many of the Drowned Ones believe that the world has a massive, inescapable cycle, an order that can not be escaped. Some try to work out how all this life and death and resurrection, how all the monsters and demons and spirits and ghosts and people getting on with their lives are part of the vast system that surrounds us. They try to see patterns in nature, understanding the system of death within it.

The Geists of the Prey seem to be more primal and elemental in nature than others: A black lightning cloud with black empty eyes and mouth, and huge fists on the end of dark; a torn-up, half-eaten man; a never ending hail of stones and pebbles; a man reduced to a weird bestial form, with his fingernails like bird claws and his hair matted like feathers and his skin carrying the thick, hard under-the-skin layer of black that the long-time homeless have.


The visions that beset the Prey never go away, and the scars, crushed limbs, ends of broken bones and punished meat that they reveal appear more solid and full than the true sights they cover.



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