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Premascine is an umbrella term for all vampires who were embraced into the Clan of Death before the diablerie of Cappadocius.


Latin for "before the bite"

The Giovanni separates history into two eras: before and after “the Bite”, which is their lovely, understated euphemism for the betrayal of Cappadocius and his childer. In modern nights the term is more frequently used to describe the Giovanni vampires embraced before the diablerie of Cappadocius. However, it does include not only the eldest Giovanni, but also the surviving Cappadocians and their bloodlines (some of whom are currently known as the Harbingers of Skulls).

Most of the Premascines are thought to be members of the Giovanni, but they are separated from the main clan by their old age, strong powers, and their choice of habitat; some are rumored to have taken refuge under the canals of Venice, bloated aquatic monsters sliding among the gondolas. Other stories tell of desiccated creatures haunting ancient tombs in search of books and grimoires as faded and dusty as they are themselves, conducting bizarre and powerful necromantic experiments which they only occasionally inform the rest of the clan about.

As bogeymen with at least 700 years of existence, they are largely a footnote to Giovanni history - although an inordinately powerful and foul-tempered one.[1]