The Exarchs are able to grant their favoured servants power over the Fallen World. Through their ascendance, reality itself is partly bound to their will and in order to further the Lie, some Seers of the Throne are granted special powers, so called prelacies.

Each Prelacy is granted by one of the Archigenitors and is divided into the Crown, which signifies the authority of the Exarchs and invokes personal abilities in accordance to the chosen archigenitor, the Sword, which contains powerful spells, and the Temple prelacy, which induces area effects and must be cast on a soulstone in order to work.

A prelate is regarded with awe and fear from his peers, as they resemble the power of the Throne and the perks of loyalty obedience to the Exarchs.


Seers embark upon a separate quest for each Prelacy they adopt. To learn one, a trusted Seer of the Throne must possess at least one dot of the Dream Merit. After that, she journeys into the Astral Realms to search for the Exarchs' favor. Some prelates find a door in the depths of the Oneiros. Ochemata guard it, but let the seeker pass. They say that beyond the gate, an Exarch's Supernal citadel awaits. Prelates call the experience a second Awakening, but rarely describe it in more detail. Other prelates return after what they believe was an unsuccessful voyage, but coincidences stack to test their loyalty after the fashion of a Mystery Play, until they win the Prelacy. Some Seers just fail, of course, and some go mad, disappear, or die in strange circumstances.

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