Predator & Prey 6: Executioner is a fiction novel for Hunter: The Reckoning. It is the sixth and final book of the Predator & Prey Saga.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
No Turning Back'

Douglas Sands wants his old life back. He wants to salvage his crumbling marriage. He wants to walk down the street without knowing that some of the people around him are not human. He wants to ignore the ghost of his dead son that calls to him at night. Is that so much to ask? Apparently so.

Julia and Nathan see the monsters too. They've taken up the lives of hunters-lives that tend to be tragically short. Julia won't stop-can't stop-until she finds her own son. Nathan feels the need to give meaning to the sacrificed lives of so many of his friends. But the line between friend and enemy sometimes blurs, and with it the distinction between predator and prey.


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