Predator & Prey 3: Werewolf part of the Predator & Prey series for Hunter: The Reckoning . It tells the story of Kailin, a Hermit, and Black Rindle, a Ronin metis, who must work together against a greater threat.

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When Worlds Collide

Sickness gnaws at the land. The stream runs lack with corruption. Black Rindle, child of forbidden union, is outcast among Garou and humans alike. Why then have the spirits chosen him for a special purpose, when they turn a deaf ear to all others?

Kailin has fled the city, fled the undead horrors that walk the streets there, in favor of the solitude - and crippling loneliness - of the wilds. But before she can come to terms with the supernatural creatures that seem determined to draw her back into their world, she must reclaim her place among humanity. Will the mysterious and violent stranger who crosses her path help her balance atop the precipice between the worlds or will he push her over the edge?

Predator & Prey: Werewolf is the third in this series of six novels that explores the Hunters newly arrived within the World of Darkness and the supernatural foes they believe they have an obligation to confront. In the course of the series, the line between hunter and the hunted continues to blur. The series continues with Predator & Prey: Mage


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