Predator & Prey 2: Judge is a fiction novel for Hunter: The Reckoning. It is the second book of the Predator & Prey Saga.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Who is Fit to Judge?
Douglas Sands is a middle-aged corporate manager whose comfortable life has been filled with loss and disappointment. He has a good job, lives in a fine home and wants for nothing... except, perhaps, for everything to be different, or perhaps just as it was years ago. Before his son died. Before he and his wife lost their passion for one another. Before a co-worker turned up dead
Sands finds himself yearning for the past even more when he begins to see and hear things that are not of the world he knew. Monsters lurking in the shadows seem to desire the only things of value to him. But even as his eyes open to the truths of the World of Darkness, Douglas Sands is forced to deal with the all-too-human mistakes he's made as well. He cannot help but wonder if he's truly fit to judge the supernatural fiends he discovers.
Predator & Prey: Judge is the second in the series of six novels that explores the Hunters newly arrived within the World of Darkness and the supernatural foes they have an obligation to confront. In the course of the series, the line between hunter and the hunted continues to blur. The series continues with Predator & Prey: Werewolf.


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