Predator & Prey 1: Vampire is a fiction novel for Hunter: The Reckoning and Vampire: The Masquerade. It is the first book of the Predator & Prey Saga.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Lost in Eternal Nights
How important is the unlife of a single vampire in the secret war that rages in the Final Nights? That's what Michael Luther asks himself when his beloved childe dies. What good is fighting a war when the things you love will inevitably be ripped away? What good is obedience to the Traditions when the Kindred in power don't care if you survive or perish? What reward is there in continuing to exist when all that made you human is dead?
As Michael investigates the circumstances of his childe's death and gets drawn into the web of deception and treachery that brought it about, he discovers the answers to these questions. And he discovers that the strongest passion to live on after death is the thirst for vengeance.
Predator & Prey: Vampire is the first in a series of six books that examine the hunters newly arrived in the World of Darkness and the supernatural foes they have been created to destroy. In the course of the series, the line between hunter and hunted begins to blur. The series continues with Predator & Prey: Judge.



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Michael Luther


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