Predators are Beasts who hunger for Prey. Some predators hunt in "catch-and-release" fashion, or even engage in symbolic predation (such as a private detective hunting down information about a target) but others must kill to sate their Hunger.

Predators cannot hunt by ambush tactics; they must actively run down their prey, and even those who don't kill must cause some harm at the conclusion of the hunt. (A ruined reputation or sabotaged relationship works just as well as a bloodied nose or blackened eye.) The target must be made aware that they were hunted and the Beast was the one who caught them.

At high levels of Satiety, Predators can only feed by hunting down the most dangerous prey--those that could potentially kill or seriously harm them if the tables were to turn. This may include dangerous supernaturals, or simply power, well-connected or well-prepared mortals. As Satiety drops, less challenging prey will suffice; at very low Satiety even hunting down animals may work.


Beast: The Primordial Hungers

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