Praetor, or Manager in modern nights, is the highest Ventrue rank within a city's hierarchy. He or she almost always has a seat on the Gerousia as well.


Each city has one Praetor at most (if it has one at all) who might well be the Prince or Ventrue primogen as well. As the alternate title, manager, suggests, these powerful Kindred are responsible for guiding and managing Ventrue affairs within the city. In order to attend this lofty position, a Ventrue must perforce be not only an elder, but an elder with unassailable dignitas and wide-ranging support among the peerage. Praetors hold their position indefinitely, and only a Strategos or Ephor can remove one from his post.

The Praetor maintains with his own funds the "public" meeting space where any Ventrue can come to attend the monthly Board meetings. Such a place is usually an exclusive club of some sort, but it can be anywhere the Praetor chooses, such as a hotel's function space, a skyscraper's boardroom, or even the den or office of her own haven. The meeting place's atmosphere and appointments reflect directly upon the Praetor, so most spend lavishly on providing a luxurious and impressive facility. The praetor also chairs these Board meetings and acts as a tie-breaker in all Gerousia votes.

Other than these few responsibilities, the Praetor has no other official powers. Most often, however, they are a Ventrue of great influence within the city, which they may well bring to bear in matters concerning the Board. Merely achieving the office provides him with a sizable boost to his dignitas. As the person at the center of all Ventrue affairs in the city, he has access to people and information that many other clan members do not. Furthermore, the rest of his clanmates often turn to him for leadership in any crisis, and they tend to follow his instruction without question (or without too many questions, in any event).

Ventrue HierarchyEdit

Other titles acquired through dignitas among the Ventrue hierarchy include:


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