Praetor, or project leader, are terms used to describe notable archons who have been given authority over their peers. The position normally only lasts as long as a given assignment, but some continue to use the title with pride.


Praetor is a temporary designation, normally assigned for the duration of a particular operation, praetor is the title bestowed on an archon who has attained a position of leadership over his fellows. The Ventrue note that it is a distinction of their own elaborate system of honorifics, adapted for use by the Camarilla as a whole.

Although the "rank," such as it is, doesn't formally stick with the recipient after the relevant endeavor is completed, some archons have indeed borne the honorific long after it was first appended, at least in the minds of their contemporaries. Theo Bell retains the title in the minds of many archons, though the taking of New York is still fresh enough that the designation may or may not last. Others, including the Nosferatu Federico DiPadua, the Brujah Anna Petrova and the Malkavian Rüdiger Kleiss also held the title informally.

Because she has specifically been given command over an operation by a justicar, a praetor is considered to outrank all other archons. Those who retain the title informally once the mission has ended hold a slightly more ambiguous position. No formal tradition requires other archons to submit to a praetor after his official stint in that position has ended, but serious social consequences might result for those who refuse to do so. The rank of praetor means nothing to anyone outside the archons, and grants the holder no special privilege when dealing with other kindred. Of course, a praetor of the Ventrue distinction might have something to say should a kindred choose not to afford her the respect she is due...

In situations where a praetor or project leader has not been formally assigned, the archons involved usually defer to the eldest present, though a younger archon with a better reputation or more specialized knowledge might be chosen instead. Struggles for command over an operation are uncommon, and entire missions can collapse when they do arise.


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