Praestantia is, on the surface, a discipline that enhances Dexterity, similar to the way that Vigor enhances Strength. However, a closer look reveals that this physical discipline is much more complicated than any of the others that have been revealed. It is unique to the Akhud, a rare clan of vampires that are almost exclusively members of the villainous secret covenant, VII, and represent their dark and unique connection to Shaddad, a dark, Beast-like presence.

Praestantia, as well as the Akhud to whom it belongs, are detailed in the first third of the covenant book pertaining to VTR: VII (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.

Basic Power Edit

Praestantia is a physical discipline, such as Celerity or Resilience; it has only one effect, which gains in power as you take more dots in it. However, its effects are much less literal than those of the disciplines it parallels. It specifically boosts the skills of Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, Stealth, and Weaponry; it has no effect on any other skills.

The effect it has on these skills is profound, however. It adds the number of dots as bonus dice, just as the other physical disciplines would. In addition, the prophetic powers of Shaddad allow that, if a failure is rolled, the action may be canceled. This does not allow the player to take another action, but saves them from the consequences of failure.

Praestantia is also added to Defense while making a dodge action.


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