The Powerful Purveyors of Pestilential Pranks is a secret society of Pooka dedicated to avenging slights to the their Kith.

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This notable society is made up of those pooka who believe that all wrongs or slights — however small — should be repaid by shaming, embarrassing or discommoding the guilty party. Many members specialize in Chicanery and Legerdemain as means of causing trouble for their targets. Others rely on the known pooka reputation for lying to spread stories about their victims. They might tell of an incident that really happened and that shows the perpetrator in a good light, perhaps, but substituting their target’s name for the person who actually committed the action, and doing so in such a way that most fae will believe the opposite of what they say. Thus a kindly sidhe who gave a commoner his cloak during a storm might be made out (using the target’s name instead of his own) as a miserly bastard who stole the cloak off a dying commoner’s back to ensure his own comfort. Any pooka who feels slighted or wronged may apply to this group for redress of the “crime,” and any pooka (Seelie or Unseelie) who wishes to join may do so upon swearing an oath of secrecy. It is said that the inner circle of the “Pranksters” routinely punish excesses committed against the environment or animals as well and that those “pranks” can be deadly, depending on the severity of the action that provoked them.

References Edit

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