Possessed a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse detailing fomori, kami, drones, and gorgons, for use as player characters or as NPCs. It was the Werewolf book for the Year of the Damned.


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Spirits Made Flesh
The Fomori: luckless hosts taken over by the evil spirits of the Wyrm. The Drones: humans rebuilt by the Weaver into a more "perfect" form of life. The Gorgons: creatures of the wild places, infused with Wyld energy. The Kami: spirit servants of Gaia given flesh. They are the hands of the greatest powers set to "walk the Earth". They are the Possessed.
Your Soul is No Longer Your Own
The Year of the Damned rolls on with Possessed, the definitive Werewolf guide to mortals inhabited by the spirits of the Triat and Gaia. Here is full creation information on the various shock-troops, infiltrators and servants of Wyrm, Weaver, Wyld and Gaia. Stock your chronicle with new antagonists, or even accept the devil's bargain and play a possessed character of your own. The choice is yours – but once made, there's no turning back.


Legends of the Garou: Cry for HelpEdit

Introduction: Two Made OneEdit

Chapter One: Wretched Worms (Fomori)Edit

Chapter Two: Perfection (Drones)Edit

Chapter Three: Wild Effigies (Gorgons)Edit

Chapter Four: Spirits of the Earth (Kami)Edit

Chapter Five: Clothed in Flesh (Character Creation)Edit

Appendix: Powers and TaintsEdit

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Fomori, Gorgon, Drone, Kami

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