Name: Porthos Fitz-Empress
Office: Deacon of Doissetep
Tradition: Order of Hermes
Born: 1403
Death: 1999
Rank: Archmage
Affilation: House Flambeau

Porthos Fitz-Empress bani Flambeau was an Archmage.


Before Dante Master Porthos was considered the most powerful mage in the Traditions. Born in 1403 in Breslau, Germany, Fitz-Empress was a member of the Order of Hermes when the Council of Nine Traditions formed in 1466. In his centuries of life, Porthos struggled against dire evils, fought against the Order of Reason and later the Technocratic Union, dealt with infighting between the Traditions and in the Order of Hermes, and survived dozens of betrayals and fearsome trials.

By the 20th century, Master Porthos was respected for his power and wisdom even as he was feared for his dark moods and occasional forays into Quiet. Despite concerns for Porthos' sanity, everyone acknowledged the man's great deeds. During World War II, it was Master Porthos who defeated two of the most dreaded Nephandi supporting the Axis powers. Porthos negotiated a truce with the Technocracy long enough to deal with the Nephandi threat. It was the old master who directed the ritual which locked the leaders of the dark mages away from Earth.

Porthos retreated into the Deep Umbra after the war, his delicate grasp on sanity shattered by what he had seen and experienced. When he returned in the late 1960s, he seemed fired by a new purpose. He worked to encourage younger generations of mages to look to others besides their masters for ways to help the world. He allowed outsiders to see more of the Order of Hermes' political conflicts to reduce the Hermetic influence over the Council of Nine, and he often started many debates in the Council that showed the cracks between the Traditions.

Youth is the flame that ignites the future. Power is merely polish on blunted blades.

Porthos encouraged such iconoclasts as James Kellian and Dante to challenge the old ways. By the 1990s, Porthos set into motion plans to make the old Council of Nine step down and be replaced by a new generation of young adepts and masters, who would lead the Traditions into a new millennium.

Porthos is a gaunt man of average height. He has greasy, straight black hair, which he seldom combs or washes. He wears antique bifocals most of the time, and generally dresses in a gray pinstriped suit with a vest. Occasionally, he can be found dancing nude about the hallways and singing old folk songs, wandering about in a pink bathrobe or dressed in armor and claiming he is going off to sight some sort of mythical creature in another Realm.

Porthos is friendly, fatherly, honorable, gentle and utterly insane. Power radiates from him in a tangible aura. When he gets angry, the static electricity is so great it causes everyone's hair to stand on end. He protects and assists those who remind him f his children and avoids those he dislikes.



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