A portal is a supernatural means of travel between two areas, often to other dimensions, like these that leads to the Umbra or the Dreaming. Some are called Rivergates, Sun Trails or Byways. Some Blight have portals to Scar, and most Hellholes have portals to Malfeas.

They are often invisible, but can be seen with mystic means such as the level 2 Kuei-jin ritual Behold the Spirits' Doorway. Some must be opened with specialized means, such as the level 4 Kuei-jin Rite of Supplication.

Means of Opening PortalsEdit

  • The level 5 Thaumaturgy ritual Escape to a True Friend.
  • Chi Rift, the fifth power of Tapestry.
  • The level five Kuei-jin ritual Creating the Rivergate.
  • Transcendent Portal, the ninth power of Feng Shui.


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