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Primary Games Edit

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Chronicles of Darkness
Tabletop: WOD (1st edition) • CofD (2nd edition)
Production: Chronicles of Darkness booksCreators
Setting: CharactersChicago and other GeographyGlossaryTimeline

Limited-Run Games Edit


Hunter: The Vigil
Tabletop: HTV
Production: Hunter: The Vigil booksCreators
Setting: CharactersPhiladelphia and other GeographyTacticsEndowments
Compacts (Tier 2): Ashwood Abbey • The Bear LodgeBarrett CommissionDivision SixHabibti MaIlluminated BrotherhoodKeepers of the Source • The Long NightLoyalists of ThuleMaiden's Blood SisterhoodNetwork ZeroNight WatchNull Mysteriis • The Promethean BrotherhoodTalbot Group • The UnionUtopia Now
Conspiracies (Tier 3): Aegis Kai DoruAscending Ones • The Cainite Heresy • The Cheiron Group • The Faithful of ShulpaeKnights of Saint Adrian • The Knights of Saint George • The LucifugeMalleus MaleficarumLes MystèresTask Force: VALKYRIEV.A.S.C.U.


Mummy: The Curse
Tabletop: MTC
Production: Mummy: The Curse booksCreators
Setting: CharactersWashington, D.C., Rio de Janiero, and other GeographyAffinitiesUtterancesJudges
Decrees: BaKaAbRenSheut
Guilds: Maa-KepMesen-NebuSesha-HebsuSu-MenentTef AabhiThe Deceived


Demon: The Descent
Tabletop: DTD
Production: Demon: The Descent booksCreators
Setting: CharactersSeattle and other GeographyEndowments: Embeds and ExploitsAngels
Incarnations: DestroyerGuardianMessengerPsychopomp
Agendas: InquisitorIntegratorSaboteurTempter