The Pooka Watchers' Pooka Watchers are a secret society of Pooka who feel it's their job to confound the fae who study them.

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Many pooka know of the Pooka Watchers, a society of other Kithain who have banded together to watch the pooka and discern their secrets and intentions in the world. Some find it funny, while others wonder about the sanity of those who have nothing better to do than watch whatever pooka do. These two camps have come together into a tongue-in-cheek “society” dedicated to watching what the pooka watchers do and foiling their attempts to classify pooka factions and behavior by acting as strangely as possible. When the word goes out that a pooka watcher is in the vicinity, members of the Watchers’ Watchers go into action. They parade about in weird clothing, tell long pointless stories to one another, make lightning raids against invisible opponents, growl and bark at one another as though arguing and hold apparently serious “meetings.” They make certain the meetings can be easily observed and discuss their place in fae society and how they might better their position in it — usually by making outlandish suggestions. Occasionally, they act as though they are planning to take over the government of all fae and planning for war (though they often advocate the war of cream pies). Occasionally, they all gather and proceed to follow the Pooka Watchers about, mimicking their every move and recording whatever they do in small black notebooks. Though it is usually all in fun, some pooka believe that the Watchers’ Watchers actually serve to deflect attention from any real plots and plans any pooka might have and to keep the other Kithain guessing as to what pooka are really like.

References Edit

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