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Poltergeists are one of the original five Shades that appeared in Orpheus. Much like their namesake, they’re known for their ability to cause chaos and panic through their fury. Poltergeists have four tiers of Horrors to work with.

Poltergeists are universally frustrated people, but can differ in how they handle that frustration. Some constantly whine and complain, and others try to escape from society completely by secluding themselves. Either way, they are frequently bitter and tend to explode with little provocation. Bravo, Child, and Judge are three Natures typically seen in Poltergeists.

Poltergeists’ ability to move and manipulate items is represented by silver tendrils, made from Vitality, which attach to things and can be used to throw them around haphazardly, or to carefully place them into a desired position. These tendrils have no effect on flesh or gauze and can only be use on inanimate objects, unless the Crucible Horror Puppet Storm is used.

Because Poltergeists prefer a direct method of communication instead of manipulating people’s emotions, they do not work well with the abilities of the Wisps. Therefore, Poltergeists are banned from taking Wisp Horrors.

Poltergeists have many things in common with the Arcanoi Outrage and Pandemonium from Wraith: The Oblivion.

Horrors Edit

First-TierHelter Skelter: Using their silver tendrils, a Poltergeist can manipulate objects in the living world.

Second-TierCongeal: Tools and weapons can be temporarily created from a Poltergeist’s own gauze with this ability.

Third-TierAnathema: This ability allows a Poltergeist to play with motion and force in ways that are not allowed in the physical world.

Fourth-TierRend and Rake: A Poltergeist can use this Horror to temporarily bend and disfigure the very fabric of reality.

Crucible HorrorPuppet Storm: A group of Poltergeists may combine their powers to allow their silver tendrils to affect gauze or flesh.

Manifestation Forms Edit

Zero Vitality: Manipulate small items, such as pencils or keys.

One Vitality: Pull together small items to form a "body."

Two Vitality: Fully human, with an especially intense appearance.


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