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The Pogrom is the systematic hunting of mages and other Reality Deviants by the Technocracy.


The Pogrom extends, at least in spirit, all the way back to the beginning of the Order of Reason. As part of the Ascension War, the Technocrats attempted to wipe out not just mages, but parts of the Consensus that favored magic.[1] The current Pogrom originated in the aftermath of World War II, and its original stated intention was to eliminate any lingering occultists loyal to the Axis powers.[2] However, it quickly expanded its scope, and soon the term was applied to any efforts to stamp out Reality Deviants under Article Five of the Precepts of Damian.[3]

For much of its duration, the Pogrom was a cold war, not a hot one.[4] However, in the immediate aftermath of the Reckoning, the Technocracy stepped up overt action, and nearly wiped out many independent Crafts. Some of these mages joined the Traditions for protection, while others sought safety in the Disparate Alliance.[5][6]


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