Plumbum is the Refinement of Lead, and is practiced by Prometheans who study the very nature and existence of themselves and of other Prometheans in hopes of finding clues to achieving Mortality.


The Originists see the other Refinements as somewhat flawed, as many of the other Refinements focus on the final product of achieving a mortal state. The followers of Plumbum, on the other hand, seek to understand both aspects of that transformation, firmly believing a Created cannot achieve their New Dawn until they fully understand and are comfortable with their Promethean existence.

Among the Created, there is no other Refinement who knows more about the Prometheans themselves; those seeking insight into Promethean history, folklore, behavior, Transmutations, or other information usually end up tracking down and consulting an Originist. Many Originists hope to form something of a Promethean organization or "school," where lore can be recorded for posterity and Created who are lost or confused can come to find help and companionship. Attempts to do so have inevitably met with failure, but many idealistic Originists continue to try.

Plumbum is rare because most Prometheans would choose to deny their true nature in the pursuit of their Great Work; others see studying their nature as an exercise in pointlessness, much as lead was seen as nothing more than a base for transforming other metals. A Promethean will never begin their existence with Plumbum; the Refinement of Lead is always found after another Refinement is followed (though there have been exceptions, albeit rare). In many cases, Originists come to Plumbum because they were not well-suited to other Refinements and had an extremely difficult time. Many Originists have also failed in at least one bid for Mortality.


The Tammuz and Ulgans are the most frank about their Promethean condition and tend to be the Lineages most seen on Plumbum. In contrast, the Frankensteins and Galateids most often seek to deny their state, and therefore are rare to find on the Refinement of Lead.


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